Thursday, June 9, 2011

no sense

What would you do when you find yourself all blanked amidst a conversation? Or worse, your words seem so passive that the other person mistakes your opinion thereby ruining the entire conversation and what more you know what is happening but you cannot do anything about it!!!

The exact thing happened with me few minutes ago. I was talking to this important person (why important?? you will know it later )and things were going fine. I mean we were having a "meaningful" conversation and suddenly the next moment I realise that I did not use the proper words and there it goes!!! And funny enough this is not the first time I am messing up.

It is either of these things..
1) I under estimate myself by thinking I am a jackass!! (which I actually am because I think that I am one.. As the saying goes.. "As a Man Thinketh He Becomes")
2) I think I am not articulate enough, which is true to a certain extent and I am working on that.

But more than the above two factors, I think it is my self confidence that gets to its bottom low and hence I happen to screw up things. Not that I do not have my own opinion about things. It is just that I have been gifted with a very weird brain that never gets tired and works round the clock. Now you must be wondering why did I call it weird rather than expressing gratitude for such a gift?? The "weirdness" lies in the thought process. It thinks irrelevant things leaving aside important ones and that is very well reflected in my grades!!! It works even while I am asleep resulting in atleast 5 different dreams in one nap!!! WEIRD rite??

I think there is only one way to curb this unusual behaviour and that is do not let thoughts that bother you enter your mind. Think positive, think good!! Gosh I am writing crap. Let me end this post before I put some more weirdness into it..



Wednesday, May 18, 2011


OKIE!!! I have been claiming that I am an avid movie buff and I guess its now time to prove it!!!

Past few weeks, I have been acting really sluggish. Weekdays are usually spent at work while weekends only lazying around. I cannot recall when was the last time I hit the theater. I guess it was for AVATAR. No guys!! Do not get me wrong. There was this special screening of Oscar nominated movies few months back and Avatar was being played. So I could not miss the opportunity. Now my faint memory says I did watch a couple of movies post that. Anyway, nothing compared to not missing any movie being played!! I cant believe myself. Last night I booked a ticket for FAST 5 and I let it go only because I wanted to sleep!!!

So I have decided to get the gang bang movie fever back. Tomorrow going for FAST 5 followed by PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: 4(the most awaited flick) on friday(First day First Show ;)) and weekends would be spent watching few flicks at home. Also I am expecting the HANGOVER/DUE DATE DVD to be delivered by saturday. So it would be a ZACK Galifianakis-Todd Philips weekend before I get to catch HANGOVER-II due next friday.

Also I got myself registered with big flix so that I rent few DVDs during weekends in order to catch the ones that I have missed (GODFATHER triology!!).

Following are few flicks due release in May/June I don't want to miss
Fast Five
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Hangover II
Kung Fu Panda II
X Men: First Class
Green Lantern
Cars 2


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happening for a REASON!!

How many of us believe in the saying 'Whatever happens, happens for the GOOD!!' ??

Well, this was not supposed to be the topic to blog on originally. But as I was entering my credentials in, I mis-entered my password twice just to realise that the password I was entering was the old one( Mis-entered in the sense, entered my old password with some spelling mistake). So this was a blessing in disguise actually, as had I entered the old password correctly, the system would have flashed an error prompting me to enter my username alongwith the password. Thus, it saved my considerably small amount of time!!!

So precisely, I very much believe in this as I have come across many such instances wherein I made some mistake only to learn that it refrained me from committing a much BIGGER MISTAKE!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Julie and Julia - A must for food connoisseur

This movie is all about food, food and food, something that I am very much passionate about, making it quite different from the stereotypical ones. It is a story of how a woman takes up an assignment of trying out 524 recipes in 365 days from a very famous book and simultaneously blogs about her “every recipe” experience. She eventually succeeds in it thereby making her famous. I wont get into the detail. Not to expect much from the story but what takes the limelight are the variety of sumptuous recipes that make you say “Yummmm....” each time.
I know it would be hard to believe but it taught me how to make Garlic Bread!! (of course not in detail but the basic idea). Also this friend of mine is planning to try out one of the dishes made in the movie!!! (well both of us love to cook!!)
So if you have any kinda liking towards cooking this movie will definitely help you like it all the more.

My take: Thumbs Up!!

Back... (well let's hope) with a BANG!!!

I know I have been pretty infrequent here. It has been more than a year since I created this blog but have posted merely a handful of posts. There are many reasons for this like I started it with a boom but eventually the interest began to shatter down. Another reason being life had become quite monotonous for me. Maybe because I was just taking whatever life was throwing at me (unlike the saying..”When life throws lemon at you don't make lemon juice out of it, instead ask for tequila!!”.. I was more contented with the lemon juice!!!), making things very dull and boring. So much so that there was a time when I had decided to delete my blog and went on with it.
But a couple of days back while I was surfing through the net, I came across few MBA forums which highlighted certain aspects required in MBA aspirants. One such aspect was creativity!! Something which I kinda lack and have to work on.
Meanwhile, I also happened to visit few of my friends' blogs and I very much liked the ease with which they had put in stuffs in a lucid language. Pretty impressive!!
I definitely agree that blogging is not everybody's cup of tea as it requires out of the box thinking and the art of penning down thoughts lucidly. But there is no harm in giving it a shot or maybe two!! So that is how I decided to restart blogging!! Now since I have lots of free time and also life is not the way it was anymore with many unpredictable things happening around. That way, it should not be difficult for me to keep posing my experience. Hope I stick to this!! And more important, I hope I blog sense!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Romantic flicks!!!

hey.. it has been quite a while since my last post. But trust me I have been trying hard to pen down my thoughts. It is not as easy as it seems to be. First of, you need to get the right words at the right time and fore most you should have your mood set to jot down. And for a person like me, it is indeed a difficult task. Anyways, I realise that all my posts start with cribs. So no more of it..

Ok, before I start off one sincere request. Through this post I am just voicing my opinion and I don't mean to offend anyone.

I have been watching a lot of movies these days. Thanks to my delay in joining, I am very much jobless and so I thought why not watch all possible movies.. Since I claim to be a movie buff!!! On an average I have been watching 2 to 3 movies, 2 being minimum (well sometimes 1.5 as well!!). All genres except spooky ones as they still drive me nuts..

These include ROMANTIC ones as well. After watching a couple of them, I wonder how people like such movies. I mean I don't say that they aren't worth watching or anything of that sort. But how can people fall in love with them. They have the same crap, the girl is studying in her high school meets the guy. Initially they can't stand eacother but things work out eventually and they fall in love. Yea, thankfully their parents do not interfere in their affair and we must be grateful to hollywood for that!!
I have many of my friends who go GAGA over romantic movies. There is this friend of mine who specially texted me saying that keith(2008) was a super duper awesome movie and I should not be missing it. I thought it ws indeed worth a watch but to my dismay I found it too boring, too bland that being more appropriate!! There are many more such movies which have been claimed to be really good but I won't rate them so. There was this other friend of mine who, it seems, still weeps after watching P.S. I Love You. It was a good movie but not the rona-dhona kinds.. And twilight, that too was quite a romantic movie though thanks to the vampire thingy it wasn't all that dull.
Well, according to me, a blend of romance + comedy does wonders. Take for example, this movie called Chasing Liberty(2004). I simply adored this movie. It was a combo of comic, adventure and romance and there was Serendipity which was also quite a nice one..
Well as far as my personal liking is concerned, I mostly prefer comic flicks. I think they are light hearted, don't make you think much and take you on a ride away from your worries..

Once again no offense please. I just put forth my opinion and you are always welcome to comment on this. Despite this crib, I reckon that I will still continue to watch these romantic flicks, being a die hard movie buff (novice) !! With this, I sign off for now..Take care.Adios..

Monday, February 9, 2009


whoa man...its been two months since my first post...i know its been trust me..with time have realised that i m one lazybum to do the posting although i love to pen down my thoughts...
getting back to blogging was kinda difficult but yea i finally did it AGAIN...
so what do i blog on???so much so going on in life don't know where to start from..kk let me start with this year...this year has given a lot to me...a lot !!! to start my FRIENDS back...the unplanned weekend trip to lonavala...then the much awaited GOA trip...n many other little things!!!...although small ones but they mean quite a lot...
but the saddest part of this year will be the time i graduate...naa!!...not that I don't want to graduate...who would not like to???...c'mon i am sure enough to share the same emotions that rani mukherjee had in the movie 'BLACK'!!...i ain't kidding..its been quite a struggle...a year break ...n then a tedious 4- year it sums up to 5 years...time when my other school mates will be done with their PG...i will be it is something i will cherish...
The sad thing is ... College life will come to an end...The very thought is taking a toll...But more than college..STAMP will part...thatz my group...
STAMP stands for..
P-(Pooja)Patel,Patil and Priya(me)...

Few months back I had had a small..not small actually..a big tiff with them...n that was the worst phase of my life..Let me not get into that now...But did affect a lot...Getting back to STAMP...Each one is a specimen...weird in their own way...When all of us get is like a house on fire...let me modify this..COLLEGE on fire...
the 'n' number of night outs, disc,trippling, unplanned trips to loanavala,sitting for hours and hours together at zest or college canteen..Shucks man ...I am going to miss that a lot..How is life going to be after say 3 months??..A complete new phase...New people around..No friends...only collegues..But life can't wait...we need to move on...O man...m i getting too philosophical???..c'mon i still have 3 months n who knows what if i manage to stay in touch if not with all bt atleast with a few ...

Let me conclude this post by describing each one..
The language can be kinda vague..the thing is m outa words now..and neways everyone knows how good I am at when it comes to expressing myself...

Swati....Talli queen...( offence please)...know her since 3rd year...whenevr any plan is being charted..she is always for anything and everything...and her "sudden" expressions...those are awesome...

Trupti....know her since 3rd year...n she is fun to be with...the way she says MOTU...itz fun to hear that...n her absent mindedness...thatz d the best thing about her...

Abha...IT partner...know her since 1st year...We spend almost most of the time...loitering in the we IT people hardly have any we are mostly seen in the canteen steps...doing nothing...discussing all possible things around...always game for movies,eat outs,vella giri..Apart from these...the best thing about her is her helping nature...honestly...haven't seen a person like her who would go out of her way to help her friends..even at her own cost...

Megha...the biggest nautanki so-called best buddy...know her since 2nd year..we are more known for our fights..esp the latest CAT FIGHT we had...that reminds me..we had this fight...n at the was patel n abha who were weeping...n we were in full mood to fight...abhaz room was more of a WWF stupid we were!!!!...newys apart from the fights...we are half the time trying our best to pull each others leg...Otherwise she is quite a fine person..I can confide anything and everything to her...Calls me BL..n i care a damn!!.. fav...know her right since the first year...her patent dialogue...."STAY AWAY" is famous all pulling her m going to miss that...

Patel...also know her since the first year...can discuss anything and everything with 1 word my confidante... not that kinda person who write stuffs about let this be!!!...

Hope we stay the same and in touch FOREVER and EVER....

I better cut this now...I know its getting kinda emotional n to top it all..m listening to this song by KK "Yarron"...

LOve you STAMP!!...